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400 Linden Street, Cadillac, MI 49601

Phone: 231.876.5800  Fax: 231.876.5821

Principal: Ms. Shaina Squires
Assistant Principal: Mr. Todd Bruggema

Start Time: 7:50pm  End Time: 2:40pm 
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CHS Tri 3 Exam Schedule

Trimester 3 Exam Schedule



Day 1 – June 9



1st hour exam

7.50 - 9.25 AM

2nd hour

9.30 - 10.35 AM


3rd Hour

10.35 - 11.10 AM

11.15 - 12.20PM

3rd Hour


3rd Hour

10:40 - 11:10 AM

11.10 - 11.45 PM

11:50-12:20 PM

3rd Hour


10:40 - 11:45 AM

11.45 - 12.20 PM

4th hour

12.25 - 1.30 PM

5th hour

1.35 - 2.40 PM

AM CTC Dismissed @ 9.25 am - Bus Leaves @ 9.30 am

PM CTC Dismissed @ 12.00 pm - Bus Leaves @ 12.05 pm


Day 2 – June 12

2nd hour exam

7.50 - 9.25 AM

3rd hour exam

9.35 - 11.10 AM

Check with your CTC instructor for class attendance on June 12 & 13 


Day 3 – June 13

4th hour exam

7.50 - 9.25 AM

5th hour exam

9.35 - 11.10 AM


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IMPORTANT Information for Parents and Students/Facebook



   Shaina L. Squires, Principal

Todd Bruggema, Assistant Principal     


02 May 2017

To the parents, students and families of CHS

It has come to our attention that a potential predator is utilizing Facebook Messenger to solicit inappropriate photos from students in surrounding districts.  From what we have been told, the individual(s) make contact through Facebook to both male and female students under the premise of being interested and/or “liking” their profile and pictures.  After a few exchanges, students are then asked to send photos of themselves, often escalating to inappropriate and/or sexual photos to the solicitor.  These photos are then used to blackmail and further solicit acts from students under the threat of exposure.

We do not at this time have any reason to believe that this has happened to a CAPS student; however, we believe it is important to raise awareness to this potential threat.

Please talk with your child about this situation as well as the dangers of social media, particularly around sexting, child pornography and cyberbullying.  

Unrelated to this issue, we are hosting two (2) parent information sessions from Assistant Prosecutor Johanna Carey and Detective Chris Piskor this Thursday, May 4th at the Cadillac High School media center at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM focusing on raising awareness around sexting, social media and cyberbullying.


Shaina Squires Todd Bruggema

Principal Assistant Principal

Late Start Monday, CTC Students

CHS Opens at 6:55 a.m. daily

When your student needs to leave early, please......

To reduce the number of classroom interruptions, please send a note with

your student and have them bring it to the office.  We are glad to write a pass

 for them to be dismissed at the appropriate time.

Enroll at CHS contact us at 231-876-5800

CHS classes including:  Advanced Placement

Early College


Career Technical Education

Online Classes

Clubs, Athletics, Art, Choir, Band and Orchestra

School Closings and Delays

Check the school calendar or the vikingnet homepage for school closings and delays.More

Latex Balloons Not Allowed at CHS

Due to severe allergy, latex balloons are not allowed at CHS.

Balloons found on or in lockers, on walls or fixtures will be removed without notice.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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